How To Create NFT Art Without Coding (Revealed!)

You’re probably reading about NFT for the hundredth time, and that’s mainly because, although having a long history dating back to 2012, the topic has just recently attracted attention from many people, mainly investors.

In essence, non-fungible tokens represent digital assets created using blockchain technology, representing everything from virtual property to digital art to collectible sports cards.

NFT art is a rapidly growing new field, and there are already a number of ways to create your own NFT art without needing to code. One popular way is to create digital art tokens using an Ethereum blockchain.

Once you have created your token, you can then sell it or auction it off on an assortment of marketplaces, such as OpenSea or Rarible. You can also create NFTs using services like BlockPunk, which allows you to create digital art that can then be sold as an NFT.

And if you’re looking to create more traditional forms of art, such as paintings or photographs, there are a number of companies that are now offering services to turn these into NFTs, such as Artnet and Codex Protocol. So, whatever your interests or artistic style, in this article we will look into how to create NFT art without coding.

Why You Should Make NFTs If You’re An Artist?

Why You Should Make NFTs If You're An Artist

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The value of artists’ work has increased over time, but they have worked and struggled to earn more money. Creating and selling NFT artwork can help.

As a working artist, you should be thinking about creating NFTs for the reasons outlined below:

  1. Receiving Royalties for Life. A digital art token provides artists with lifetime income within the context of lifetime royalties rather than a single payment. Every time your artwork is bought from a new user, you will get a percentage of the profit sale. The proportion encrypted in the artworks ranges anywhere from 2 – 10%, guaranteeing that you will be entitled to welcome interest on future resales until the end of time.
  2. More affordable to Set Up. Since all of the NFT art sales are operated online via different P2P markets to an international audience, you won’t have to spend your cash in art galleries or in auction houses. This makes it possible for keeping a big part of the returns and the profit sales.
  3. Authentic and Verifiable. You can view, link to, and save your personal digital art token, but you can only own it once. Since the artist, purchase price, potential new owners, and asset prices are visible in the blockchain once the artwork is registered, the art piece has true authenticity and an indisputable and authentic certificate. There isn’t anything like this happening in the world of classical art.

How Can You Become An NFT Creator If You Don’t Know How To Code?

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Do you want to learn how to make NFTs but don’t know how to code? You’ll need to hire a developer who is familiar with blockchain platforms.

You will be able to produce your own NFT art and earn money once you have a developer. You can hire freelancers and simply become an NFT creator if you have a lot of digital talents.

Even if you don’t know how to code, you can still become an NFT creator. You won’t need to hire a coder, which is the best part.

Using a no-code NFT collection generator, you may unleash your imagination and become an NFT maker. It’s all based on AI-powered online software.

Creating layers of digital art is all that is required. You only need to upload a single image file to the internet. With just a single file, you’ll be able to make nearly 10,000 different NFT collectibles.

You can alter the traits and the rarity layers as needed. It will assist you in building an NFT collection that is ready to mint. Metadata is included. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to produce thousands of NFTs. The nicest part is that you can simply preview and edit the files.

You can make an income by displaying your NFT paintings. You can also create an account on a reputable NFT marketplace, which is a great way to sell your work.

It’s not difficult to make NFTs. If you don’t know how to code, don’t let that stop you. Using the NFT collection generator, you can make NFT art quite simply.

Creating NFT Art Without Coding

The following steps will guide you through the steps of producing a digital art token without needing to code yourself.

How To Pick An NFT Marketplace

In order to create NFT art, this is the initial and most significant step. Currently, there are two types of offerings in the marketplace:

A digital art token can be minted or manufactured in the NFT marketplace classification only by authorized artists. Rather than low-cost mementos, they are more interested in digital tokens of high quality.

SuperRare, for example, is a selected NFT marketplace. When it comes to royalties, they offer fewer options and less control and charge significant transaction costs.

A self-service platform allows anyone to build their personal NFTs according to their preferences. Videos, photos, and voice clips can be used to create an original piece and make it your own. Every token sale can also be assigned a royalty percentage.

Platforms like Rarible and OpenSea fall within this category, as well.

Make A Digital Wallet

Creating a digital crypto wallet is the next logical step, where you can store your cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs. Cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, are essential for NFT building.

Because considerable NFTs are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, having Etherium would be an advantage. The gas fee must be paid, which is the cost of a transaction on the Ethereum platform, before publishing any token you’ve created.

As a rule of thumb, OpenSea suggests installing the MetaMask wallet for cryptocurrency, which is a plugin in Chrome, buying ETH, and beginning the creation process.

But suppose you are holding ETH in a different cryptocurrency wallet. In that event, you can transfer ETH via your primary wallet to a Metamask wallet.

While working on and making an NFT, gas expenses can range from $12 to $250 in ETH.

Make Your Collection

As of right now, you haven’t yet created an actual digital art token. Once the “My Collections” button will show on your OpenSea account’s interface; click it. Your collection will become visible as a gallery or store.

A personalized collection can be created by adding a description, assigning a name for it, and adding a display photo. This is how your work will be displayed after it’s completed.

How To Make Digital Art Token

Once you’ve completed your collection, the next step is, to begin with the method of building your NFT. After that, when you choose “Include New Item,” you’ll be able to give your token a name and add audio, visual, and 3D metadata in the form of JPEG, or GIF for visual, MP3, WAV, etc. for audio, and GLB as 3D files.

Tokens can be created in infinite numbers, but they must be generated one by one. Another important factor to consider is the variety of your tokens.

  • The Standalone Token: This says that only one item of that digital token will ever be made, which increases its value.
  • Edition Tokens: These allow you to produce any number of copies of tokens as you wish. Simply add a number to distinguish each copy.

Add levels, analytics, and attributes as needed for sorting your artwork as customers browse your collection.

When you’ve filled out all the needed info, like social links, a description, a name, and an updated image, click on “Create” in order to get the NFT on the blockchain. ETH will pay for gas costs and approval in this phase.

After that, you can decide which tokens to accept as payment for your work. The portion of royalties you receive on secondary artwork sales can also be selected.

Offering Your Artwork On The NFT market

The next stage is to sell your NFT art once you have completed it. A set price option or an auction in which you determine your price are both a possibility at this point.

The first time you create and sell an NFT, you’ll be required to pay the gas fee before your NFT work can be listed.

Using Social Media Tools For Promotion

Your best shot at selling your stuff is to build yourself a fanbase. In order to assist people in discovering your artwork, you should inform prospective buyers about your connection through social media.

Is It Possible To Create NFT Art On An iPad Or iPhone?

Is It Possible To Create NFT Art On An iPad Or iPhone

Yes, you can use your iPad to create NFT art. NFT art is something we label digital painting. You can create anything you want, and if the buyers like the NFT artwork, you can sell it for a good price. Physical paintings used to be more expensive in the past, but times have changed, and the entire world has gone digital.

Painting apps for iPad and iPhone allow you to make artwork and post it to the NFT website. 

How To Create NFT Art Without Coding – Conclusion

NFT art is a digital artwork created as a crypto token that can be accessed and exchanged on the blockchain for a great price.

Because the NFT industry is still in its early stages of development, there are several growth opportunities.

The overall NFT market was only worth around $37 million just a few years ago. Recently, however, non-fungible tokens have been gaining significant traction. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a big part of the NBA, and others have been joining the growing trend which is estimated to grow to over $300 million.

This article provided you with a helpful ‘how-to’ on how to get in early and be a step ahead of other artists.

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