17 Creative Gifts for the Painter in Your Life

Painters and artists take note of the beauty in life. Therefore, the gifts you give them should be as beautiful and artistic as they are.

I’ll cover each of these creative gifts for artists who paint (available on Amazon and Etsy) in detail so that you can select the gift idea that’s best suited for your painter friend, or loved one.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring or professional painter, we’ve got you covered with a creative present you’ll be proud to give.

Gifts for painters.

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Without further ado, here are 17 artistic gifts for the painter in your life:

1. Personalized Leather Paint Brush Roll (Etsy)

A personalized paint brush roll is a great gift for an artist that paints.

This handmade paint brush roll is the perfect gift for any serious painter.

It’s made from premium grade chrome-tanned leather that easily scratches, giving it a beautiful vintage look over time. The leather also develops a slight patina with age, so no two look the same!

You can even have a personalized message inscribed on the leather, free of charge. You can choose between ten different fonts and write up to 256 words, giving you plenty of options.

Whether you decide to write your painter’s initials, name, or favorite quote, this paintbrush roll will inspire them each time they paint.

The roll measures 9.8 in (24.89 cm) in height and 11 in (27.94 cm) in width when it’s open. So, make sure to check your artist’s paint brushes to ensure that they’ll fit!

2. Resin Flower Painters Palette (Etsy)

A floral painters palette.

Unlike a traditional painter’s palette made from wood or plastic, this one is made from non-toxic resin. The resin encases pressed flowers, leaves, and golden flakes, making this palette look like a true piece of art!

This palette is durable and lightweight, so it can be used for artistic purposes. However, it’s so beautiful that your painter will likely want to use it as a perfume stand or a home decor piece instead. 

You can choose the palette’s flower and flake colors based on your loved one’s preferences. So, it’ll be explicitly designed for them!

3. Handmade Ceramic Paint Water Cup (Etsy)

Water cup for painting.

If you’re looking for a gift your painter will use on a regular basis, these ceramic water cups are a practical choice.

Each one is wheel-spun and hand-glazed in a pottery studio in California.

They come in several gorgeous colors, such as ballet pink, periwinkle, and honeydew, so you can select whichever shade your artist will enjoy the most.

Additionally, the cups have a specially designed divet in the top where your painter can rest their brush while painting.

So, these cups are more beautiful and more functional than your average coffee mug (or whatever kind of container your artist is currently putting their water in)!

4. Aeisage Artistic Compact Travel Mirror (Amazon)

Compact Mirror Small Travel Mirror Purse Mirror Pocket Mirror Starry Night Van Gogh Post Impressionist Art Artistic Gifts for Women

This folding mirror has a painting on its exterior, so your loved one can take some beautiful artwork with them even when they’re on the go!

You can choose between 11 different paintings from renowned artists such as Van Gough, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Claude Monet, and Erich Heckel. Just select the piece that’ll inspire your painter the most!

This mirror is very compact, so it should be small enough to fit inside your painter’s pocket or purse. It’s a thoughtful present for artists who travel a lot!

5. Miniature Painter Journal (Etsy)

Mini painters journel.

This miniature paint set and journal allow your artist to capture the beauty of nature without having to lug a bunch of heavy painting supplies around! It’s miniature, measuring just 1 ¾ in (4.45 cm) wide by 1 ¼ in (3.18 cm) tall.

Due to its small size, it’s the perfect watercolor journal for your painter to bring with them when they travel. They’ll always have some paper with them when inspiration strikes!

It contains 60 pages of premium cold-pressed water-color paper, so your artist will have plenty of pages to create their tiny masterpieces on.

The journal’s cover and bindings are made from genuine leather, giving it a high-quality look and feel. The leather comes in five gorgeous colors, including walnut, black diamond, cinnamon, cork, and olive, giving you plenty of options to choose from!

6. Sandro Botticelli “Venus” PopSockets (Amazon)

Sandro Botticelli Venus Cool Art Painters Gifts For Artist PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets

PopSockets are tiny grips that you can stick onto the back of a phone or tablet to make them easier to hold.

While PopSockets come in many colors and patterns, what print is better for an artist than Sandro Botticelli’s “Venus”?

Your painter friend can stick this on their phone to be inspired by this great work every time they send a text or check their email.

Unfortunately, this PopSocket won’t stick to uneven or extremely textured cases. So, make sure your friend sticks it onto something smooth!

7. Mulzeart Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Throw Pillow Covers (Amazon)

Mulzeart Set of 2, Oil Painting Frida Kahlo Artistic Self-Portrait Throw Pillow Covers, Decorative Throw Pillow Case 18x18inch, Linen/Cotton

Spruce up your loved one’s living room, bedroom, or outdoor patio with these beautiful Frida Kahlo pillow covers.

The set comes with two covers, each with a different self-portrait of Frida on the front. They’re vibrant and beautiful, making them a stylish addition to any painter’s home decor. 

The covers are made from high-quality cotton, linen, and burlap material that’s thick and durable. Additionally, they’re machine washable. So, they’re super easy to clean!

Please remember, the inserts aren’t included. So, you’ll need to buy them separately.

8. Hardwood Paint Brush Holder (Etsy)

Wooden paint brush holder.

This paintbrush holder is a functional gift for any artist’s workspace. It’ll help keep their brushes organized while simultaneously increasing their productivity since they won’t have to waste any time searching for the brush they want!

It’s constructed from durable hardwood that has been stained to create a beautiful, natural look.

In the top, there are 28 holes in three different sizes, so your painter will be able to store brushes of various sizes and widths.

Even better, you can have the seller engrave the holder with your loved one’s name, initials, shop name, or logo, completely free of charge. So, you can add a personal touch to make this present even more unique!

9. Picasso “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” Apron (Etsy)

Picasso art apron.

If your loved one is a Picasso fan, they’ll absolutely adore this apron!

On the front, it features a high-resolution print of Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” which is one of his well-known paintings depicting several women in his classic cubist style.

The apron is made from a cotton-polyester blend, which is super soft. Additionally, it has a neck-free design, so it’s very comfortable to wear even for an extended period.

Therefore, it’s the perfect apron for your loved one to wear the next time they create one of their masterpieces! They can also wear it during other activities, such as cooking or gardening. 

10. Ceramic House Paint Brush Holder (Etsy)

Ceramic house paint brush holder.

This brush holder is unique, so it’s doubtful your painter friend will have anything like it. It’s the ideal gift for the artist who has everything!

Each brush holder is shaped like a row of tiny cottages. They’re hand-sculpted from ceramic then painted with glaze and real 22-carat gold. 

The cottages have fine details that make them look incredibly adorable, including small doors and windows.

There are three color options you can choose from, including white cottages with red roofs (no gold), white cottages with green roofs (with gold), and orange cottages with red roofs (with gold).

Your artist friend can rest three or four paintbrushes in between the roofs of the cottages to prevent them from rolling away while they’re painting.

This unique paint brush holder is adorable and super functional, making it the perfect gift!

11. Art Palette Painting Clock (Etsy)

Artist palette wall clock.

If your painter seems to lose track of time whenever they’re creating art, then this painting clock is just the gift for them!

This unique clock is shaped like an art palette. It has 3D paint splotches where the numbers should be. The paint is so realistic that it looks as though you just squeezed some out of the tube!

The hour and minute hands are made from real paintbrushes. The tips of the brushes are dipped into a paint of your choice, which makes it look as though they just finished painting a masterpiece before they were stuck onto the clock!

You can customize the orientation of the clock based on your preferences. If you’d like, you can also engrave it with your loved one’s name to give it a personal touch.

This is the perfect gift for any art studio or just an original gift for your favorite artist!

12. Van Gogh Earrings (Etsy)

Van Gogh artist earings.

These hilarious Van Gogh earrings are a unique present for those who enjoy history and a good laugh. 

One earring is shaped like Van Gogh with a bloody towel covering his ear, and the other is shaped like his missing ear.

Most artists will appreciate these earrings’ clever depiction of this infamous historical event!

The jewelry is very durable and well-made. Additionally, the hooks are made from silver, so they should be safe for those with jewelry sensitivities.

13. Magic Wand Paint Brushes (Etsy)

Magic wand artists paint brush set.

These whimsical paint brushes look like something straight out of a Harry Potter film.

They have gorgeous faux wood handles that come in three different colors, including light, medium, and dark.

There’s a golden vine wrapped around the handle that’s inset with two stones. The stones come in three colors, including black, blue, and stunning blue-green colors, so you can choose the stone colors that your artist friend will enjoy the most!

These whimsical paint brushes are easy to hold and incredibly comfortable to paint with.

So, why not give one of these stunning wand brushes to your painter friend today to help them bring some magic to their canvas?

14. Van Gogh Cuff Bracelet (Amazon)

Van Gogh Cuff Bracelet Art Pattern Under Glass Dome Jewelry Handmade

This stunning Van Gogh cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for any artist or art lover.

It contains small glass domes depicting his most famous works, including Starry Night, Van Gogh’s self-portrait, a few paintings from his Sunflower series, and more. All of the images are bright, clear, and easy to identify.

Other than looking beautiful, this bracelet is very well made. It’s constructed from silver-plated metal, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Additionally, it’s lightweight and very comfortable to wear. After a while, your painter friend will forget they even have it on their wrist!

Due to its small diameter, it’s best suited for painters with smaller wrists.

15. Porcelain Tea Cup Featuring 65 Artists (Amazon)

It's Hard to Get a Handle on Modern Art - Porcelain Tea Cup Featuring 65 Artists

This porcelain teacup shows the names and portraits of 65 of the most influential modern artists, such as Kahlo, Picasso, Beckmann, and Pollock.

The portraits are drawn in a simplistic, artistic style giving the mug a very cool, modern look that any creative person will enjoy.

The teacup itself was modeled after the Japanese “yunomi“ cup, which was specifically designed for tea drinking! It holds 9 oz (255.15 g) of liquid, so your painter friends can enjoy a nice cup of tea while also getting to look at some of their favorite artists.

16. Old Brush Printed Socks (Amazon)

Artist Old Brush Casual Cool 3D Printed Crazy Funny Colorful Fancy Novelty Graphic Crew Tube Socks

These unique crew tube socks will be your artist friend’s new favorite clothing item! They’re a pretty light blue color, so they’re suitable for male or female artists.

Each sock has a picture of several dirty paintbrushes sitting in a cup, which is a sight any painter is very familiar with.

Other than looking cute, these socks are also soft, lightweight, and comfortable. So, if your painter friend never wants to take them off again, you’ll know why!

Since they go so high up on the leg, they can be worn with any type of shoe, including boots. So, your painter will be able to wear these cool art socks all year round.

17. Gold Paint Palette Keychain (Etsy)

Artists gold palette keychain.

Let your artist friend show off their passion with this unique gold palette keychain set!

This gorgeous keychain comes with three unique charms.

The first is a palette-shaped charm that’s gold with colored splotches that look like paint.

Next, there’s a beautiful paint brush charm that looks like two paintbrushes crossed over each other.

Lastly, there’s a small brass charm that can be stamped with a custom initial.

The keyring is large and durable, so it should be able to hold all of your artist’s keys!

The only downside of this product is that it can’t get wet. So, make sure your friend doesn’t accidentally dip it in their water cup while they’re painting!

Each of these items is a great gift idea, is perfect for any gift-giving occasion, and will be appreciated by any creative person, painter, or fellow artist.

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