Do Flower Paintings Actually Sell? (You May Be Surprised!)

Flowers are probably the most cliché subject for paintings that there is. It makes one wonder why an artist would even bother depicting such a seemingly tired subject. Flowers are beautiful, of course, but how many different flower paintings does the world need? Are artists able to sell their flower paintings?

Flower paintings sell very well when marketed to the right collectors, despite a saturated market. Paintings of flowers tend to be top sellers because of the wide color palette available in the artwork, which is often a deciding factor for buyers when trying to match decor.

It might seem kind of crazy that flower paintings are still sold when so many already exist in the world, but it is true! Read on to see why people are willing to pay high dollar amounts for paintings of flowers and what sets some flower paintings apart from the rest.

A vibrant watercolor painting of flowers.

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Do Flower Paintings Sell?

Depending on the circumstances, paintings of flowers can sell quite well. There is always a demand for an original painting of flowers, but the market is saturated. It is more accurate to say that the right flower paintings can sell. Customers are not looking for flower paintings that are just like every other cliche depiction out there. They want more.

Art lovers in the market for flower paintings are looking for:

  • Contrast between vivid colors and simple forms
  • Raw impressions of vibrant subjects
  • Skilled craftsmanship from the artist
  • Expressed emotion depicted in the subject
  • Keen attention to detail throughout the work of art

Art buyers are typically not looking to buy a painting of flowers to begin with. They decide to purchase a floral painting, after they have stumbled upon one that meets a certain degree of excellence. This is the key to selling botanical art. The work should transcend the simplicity of the subject to evoke something raw and real.

Art buyers want a piece that shows more than flowers. They want a work of art that captures the extraordinariness of the ordinary. They want the simple flowers to demand that the observer stop in their tracks and admire the beauty of their vivid hues and adore the perfection of their asymmetric forms. The flowers should depict the beauty of life.

Simplicity can be such a striking feature to art buyers, and this is evident in the surprising amount of flower paintings that are sold every day around the world. The subjects can discuss so much more than what meets the eye. Art buyers are usually perusing galleries or catalogs for something else when fascination strikes them.

Watch artist Julia Kotenko create this beautiful abstract flower painting using acrylic and gold leaf.

Why Do Flower Paintings Sell?

Sometimes, the most straightforward subject can tell the most meaningful story. Floral paintings are very common and overdone in the world of art. It is often one of the first subjects a studying painter will attempt to depict. It is a wonder that this familiar subject can still inspire observers, let alone have enough value to be sold.

The right flower painting sells when:

  • The subject is depicted with honest admiration
  • The artist captures emotion in the depiction of the subject
  • The artist uses great skill and creativity to breathe new life into the subject
  • The painting evokes the bold beauty that is often overlooked in the subject
  • The subject is not crudely presented as a forced copy
  • Not to be overlooked, buyers purchase artwork (particularly paintings) when the color scheme matches their home or office decor.

An art piece should not be created for profit alone. Art should be created for the mere fact that it had ought to be done and that the artist wanted to create it. When art is made without expectations, it is of a higher quality. This allows the artist to express themselves completely and breathe a bit of life into the subject. This is what sells paintings.

Wall art of flowers are not exempt from this rule. When dealing with a subject as common as flowers, it is imperative that the artist take great care to make the piece as original as possible. The work should have an overall tone that resonates with the buyer on a special level. This captured emotion will have a profound impact on the art buyer.

Artists that sell flower paintings often do so when they create a work that reminds a particular art buyer of something they had forgotten: a flower’s beauty. Flowers are a very strong subject because they can make an art buyer feel that they have been under appreciating nature or taking it for granted.

Where Do Flower Paintings Sell?

Many of the flower paintings that get sold, do so on social media. Many fledgling and veteran artists that paint flowers use social media to promote their work to a worldwide market. These free services are a great way for artists to connect with an audience and sell their paintings. Flower paintings are sold on these platforms every day to those scrolling through their daily news feeds.

Places where flower paintings are sold:

  • Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Online at arts and crafts sites (Etsy or Fine Art America, for example)
  • In-person at public and private art shows
  • By direct commission from an art buyer

Certain websites provide artists with digital shops and provide online shoppers with the means to purchase the artists’ works. Flower paintings are sold here just as often as anywhere else. It is important for artists who take this route to keep SEO (search engine optimization) principles in mind when listing on these popular sites. Listings get buried quickly!

Flower painting tutorial using acrylic paints.

A straightforward approach for an artist looking to sell their flower paintings would be to display their work at an art show. This is a great method for an artist to gain exposure and even make a sale or two. This might not be as financially promising as selling online, but the in-person networking and exposure are huge bonuses.

Some artists might be lucky enough to earn commissions from art buyers who love their work. This business will likely come from years of perfecting and refining their art style and the skills used in creating their flower paintings. Artists that paint for specific buyers through commissions still get to express their own creativity.

How Much Do Flower Paintings Sell For?

Go and search how much a flower painting usually sells for and prepare to be amazed. The spectrum ranges from $150.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the artist, materials used, and canvas size. Original works are the most valuable on the market, but artists can also make a very good profit on limited and open edition prints.

The biggest component that determines the price of a particular flower painting is the artist. An artist that has an established following is sure to find buyers that are willing to pay a more exorbitant price. A fledgling artist who paints flowers might be happy to have a buyer even consider purchasing their piece at all. People truly pay for the name.

Certain materials that cost more for the artist to work with will definitely affect the sales price of the finished product. Oil paintings are typically more expensive than acrylic paintings. This is also true in the case of flower paintings. The more expensive the materials of production, the more the finished piece will cost an art buyer.

Most Popular Types of Flowers to Paint

Within the art world there are several particular types of flowers that have proven to sell especially well in paintings. These include:

  • Roses
  • Hibiscus blossoms
  • Sunflower
  • Hydrangeas
  • Water Lilies

These flower species lend themselves particularly well to being depicted in paintings due to their intricate form and colour palette. In addition, most people are familiar with these botanical beauties as they are commonly found in residential landscaping.

Also, these types of flowers tend to push the emotional buttons in prospective buyers as they tend to bring up memories from when they were a child, their grandmother, or even a wonderful vacation memory.

Flowers in The Abstract

An abstract painting of flowers is high on the list of many buyers of art. A flower in the abstract is more about the form, color, and emotion of the artwork than anything else.

The colors, lines and curves are pleasing to the eye and are highly sought after pieces anywhere that wants to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. That’s why you’ll often find this kind of work in places like medical and dental offices.

Artists Famous For Painting Flowers

Even in a crowded field, there is room for a truly unique artist to thrive. In fact, there are painters that have become especially famous for their botanical paintings. Three of the most famous are:

  • Vincent van Gogh – Some of his most famous works included paintings of poppies and sunflowers.
  • Claude Monet – A French impressionistic painter, Monet spent much of his time in his garden painting the flowers growing there using his highly regarded impressionistic oil painting techniques.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe – An American artist, a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of one of her enlarged flowers can be found almost everywhere decorative prints are sold. Her watercolour floral style was revolutionary!

This goes to prove that if your passion is flowers, there is no reason why you can’t make a name for yourself by painting what you love.

A collection of 294 of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. How many flowers do you see in this body of work?


Let’s face it, flower paintings can be boring. Flowers are depicted time and time again to the point that it is almost laughable. Yet, people still want to buy them. Art buyers purchase more and more of these simple little paintings every year when they are done properly. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the subject. Artists do not need to complicate it.

When artists go down a familiar road, they need to tread carefully. Originality should be the goal of every artist, especially those who aspire to sell their works. Flower paintings are a familiar subject that can still be depicted in a new light. Artists that capture a unique perspective are sure to create something special that will catch an art buyer’s eye.

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