The 9 Best Pens for Signing Canvas Prints

Finding a quality pen for signing canvas prints can be tricky. Depending on the pen and its material makeup, you might face some unwanted issues, such as bleeding or smudging from a slow-drying ink. When using pens on canvas prints, you want something reliable that won’t smear and dries almost instantly. Luckily, we have quite the list of pens that do just this and more.

Ditch the Sharpies and read on for an extensive list of the nine best pens for signing canvas prints. These pens are guaranteed to make the signing process a breeze with their high-quality materials and functionality. For added ease, you can acquire every one of these pens on Amazon for cheap to moderate prices.

1. Saukara Pen-Touch Paint Pen (Our Top Recommendation)

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Saukara Pen-Touch Paint Marker (Amazon)

In my opinion, the Sakura Pen-Touch is the best pen for signing canvas prints due to its affordability and archival qualities. The Sakura pen-touch is made with a 0.7mm extra-fine tip for those of you that want a thin, crisp signature with a tool more reminiscent of a ballpoint pen than a marker.

This set comes with three pens colored silver, gold, and copper, which is perfect for consumers that want a canvas signing pen but aren’t interested in buying large packs of 10+ colors. These bold, eye-catching colors will be more than sufficient to provide you with a dazzling artist signature at a cost and quantity that is significantly lower than others on our list.

Although this pack might have fewer pens, they are each quality products that rival their competitors. Each pen is waterproof and fade-resistant, which are always beneficial traits to have in pens used on canvas. This archival pen is also designed to be chemically stable, free of xylene, and produce minimal odor.

Be sure to shake these pens well before using them for the smoothest flow of their metallic paint.  One important note to make with this product is that it works astonishingly well on canvas prints, but it is near-impossible to remove ink from this permanent marker. So, once you start signing prints with this pen, you’ve committed.

If you love the Sakura pen-touch but you want more colors, there’s also an 8-piece set on offer that includes yellow, red, purple, green, blue, brown, and black markers. You also have the opportunity to purchase replacement tips that allow you to create thinner or bolder lines with your pen, depending on your preference.

You can check the current price of the Saukara Pen-Touch Paint Markers here at Amazon.

2. ARTISTRO Paint Pens

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ARTISTRO 12-Pack Paint Pens (Amazon)

Next up is a paint pen company with quite the reputation. If you were to search “best canvas pens,” odds are you’ll see ARTISTRO somewhere on nearly every single list. The reason for this is none other than the fact that this company creates some of the most beautiful and high-quality pens you can find anywhere.

The best deal is their 12 pack of medium-tipped markers that are highly versatile and perfect for canvas signing and artistry. These tips will allow a clear signature versus thicker tipped markers that might smoosh your letters together or fine-tipped markers that will leave the signature too skinny to be clearly legible.

Each color is highly pigmented for a bright signature, complete with an opaque and glossy finish that shines on both light and dark surfaces. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about which color to use on your canvas.

If you’re looking for a resilient pen that will guarantee a long-lasting signature, ARTISTRO is the way to go. The acrylic paint in these pens is resistant to water, fading, and abrasion for a guaranteed permanent signature.  

Another benefit of the ARTISTRO pens is their high-quality design that allows the paint to flow out of the pen smoothly and easily for a flawless signature.

Few users have issues with this product, as demonstrated by its glowing reputation. On occasion, some reviews have stated that the pens can potentially break if handled with too much pressure.

Ultimately, the biggest complaint consumers seem to have is the limited color palette for these pens. ARTISTRO doesn’t offer more than 15 colors, which might be unfortunate for an artist that wants a wider range of shades. However, for someone using the product solely to sign a canvas fine art print, 15 colors is a decent array to choose from.

You can check the current price for ARTISTRO Paint Pens here at Amazon.

3. Mosaiz Acrylic Fabric Marker Pen

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Mosaiz Acrylic Fabric Marker Pen (Amazon)

As mentioned above, ARTISTRO offers 15 colors for their pens, but if that isn’t enough, Mosaiz nearly doubles this amount with their value pack of 26 quality fabric pens. In addition to the pens, this pack also includes 36 stencils made of durable PVC plastic, 3 of which provide you with alphabetic and numerical stencils for a more stylized signature.

Each Mosaiz pen allows you to create a bold and vividly colorful signature from standard colors, such as blue, red, and green, to more flamboyant options of silver, gold, and some neon colors as well.

Mosaiz pens are also resistant to bleeding, fading, and chlorine, so you won’t have to cover your signature with a protective sealant to ensure its longevity.

A unique benefit of these pens is that they are completely odorless. Therefore, if you are in for a long session of canvas signing, you won’t have to worry about any strong fumes exuding from your pen as you sign away.

These pens are created with a versatile pointed bullet tip that allows you to create signature lines that are as thick or as thin as you please. You can test the point with some calligraphy work or try out some different font styles.

There is a wide range of materials you can use the pens on in addition to canvas prints if you are looking for quality pens, you can use them for artistic endeavors on various papers, fabrics, and materials in addition to your canvas signing.

You can check the current price of the Mosaiz Acrylic Fabric Marker at Amazon here.

4. Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens

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Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens (Amazon)

The only thing better than the adorably and highly functional zipper pouch that Penguin paint pens come in is that each pen is made with a reversible tip.

That’s right. This pack of 28 pens not only provides a vast array of possibilities in the realm of color but in design as well. Each reversible tip has one side measuring 3mm and the other measuring 5mm. This allows you to use the color and tip size that suits your signature best and accentuates the elements that make your signature utterly unique.

Not only does this provide versatility for your signatures, but it is also incredibly cost-efficient. You’re technically purchasing 56 pens since each has a dual-purpose tip. That’s a pretty decent bang for your buck, especially when other brands either won’t offer different-sized tips or they’re only available at a separate cost.

But enough about the amazing deal, let’s get into how well these pens work. In terms of design, these pens have shared benefits with others on the list and unique benefits of their own. Altogether, these pens are:

  • Water-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic (if you happen to have little ones around)

In addition to these qualities, these pens will provide a quality and long-lasting signature, but if you happen to get some of the paint on yourself, it is easily removable with water and soap.

The most significant downside of these pens is that reviews have indicated their paint runs a bit thin, and so, it might be a bit runny or difficult to manage when signing on canvas prints. However, switching to the thicker 5mm tip might help reduce this.

Additionally, the quick-flowing paint might just be manageable with practice if you find it preferable to pens you need to shake on more than one occasion to induce a steady flow.

You can see the current price of the Penguin Art Supplies Dual Tip Acrylic Paint Pens here at Amazon.

5. Asani Paint Marker

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Asani Paint Pens (Amazon)

Asani is one of the most affordable options on this list if you’re looking for some decent water-based acrylic markers that come in a reasonable array of colors and cost relatively the same as an ordinary pack of pens. With Asani, you can purchase 12 paint pens created with 3 milliliters of premium Italian ink for the low cost of $9.99. Not bad.

As is common of paint pens, this product by Asani is water-resistant and fade-resistant for protection and longevity. However, Asani takes great pride in guaranteeing that each of their pens provides vivid colors that won’t fade or wash out over time.

Therefore, regardless of where the owner of your signed canvas print hangs this work of art, your signature will most assuredly stand the test of time. As it should, so anyone looking at your work immediately knows to accredit the piece to you.

These pens are designed with a 0.7mm tip, which is one of the finest tip sizes you can purchase and lends itself well to calligraphy and other signatures that emphasize thin and detailed line work.

In addition to these pens creating long-lasting and legible signatures, their ink also dries incredibly quickly, so the risk of smudging your signature is significantly reduced, and you can sign multiple works in a timely manner.

Asani pens work great in terms of functionality, especially considering they’re on the lower end of the budget. The paint in these pens flows easily and consistently. The water-based ink is also free of toxins, odors, and conforms to ASTM D-4236 safety standards, so they are safe to use by individuals of nearly any age.

Check the cost of the Asani Paint Pens at Amazon here.

6. Alerie Paint Pens

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Alerie Paint Pens (Amazon)

Another quality bang for your buck option on this list is the Alerie pen set. The Alerie set includes 12, 0.7mm fine tips for crisp, thin signatures and 12 reversible tips measuring 2mm and 6mm instead of Penguin Art Supplies’ pens that come with only 12 reversible tips of 3 and 5mm. This provides a vast array of possibilities for your canvas print signature in pen tip alone.

Although signatures are typically limited to the users’ names, feel free to use these various tip sizes to get creative with your signature. You can bold out some lines while keeping others extremely thin, reminiscent of calligraphy and street art lettering. Another option is incorporating imagery into your signature to give it an artistic and symbolic edge that is easily distinguishable as your own.

But back to the pens. All 24 of these versatile pen tips means you get 24 high-quality and vibrant pens along with them. The colors of these pens are a bit more versatile than others on the list. You have your common colors such as red, yellow, blue, but you’ll also get silver, gold, black, white, and a smattering of other colors for a decent array in one pack.

In addition to their bold colors, the ink in these pens is made of opaque ink that is:

  • Chemically stable
  • Dries quickly
  • Water-based
  • Odorless
  • Xylene-free
  • Acid-free
  • Environmental

Ultimately, the best benefit of Alerie pens is that they are a cost-efficient way to get a significant amount of pens with a wide range of colors and tips for maximum versatility.

In terms of criticism, the most common feedback is that the ink in these pens dry up quickly, so you must practice proper maintenance and care with them. Always cap the pens firmly and quickly after use.

It has also been suggested that the paint in these pens doesn’t flow as smoothly as others on the list, so be aware that despite receiving a diverse pack of products, you might have a bit of difficultly with their functionality when writing. 

Check the current price of the Alerie Paint Pens here at Amazon.

7. TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens

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TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens (Amazon)

If you’re looking for a set of pens that comes in a more unique selection of colors, you might want to invest in TOOLI-ART’s pens. This set of 18 pens comes with rainbow colors and some unique shades of pastel colors that are hard to come by, especially in other sets on this list.

This product is another example of a pen that would be extremely safe in any household regardless of the user. All pens are acid-free, water-based, and conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards.

TOOLI-ART prides itself on providing pens that are highly pigmented with opaque coverage that will show clearing on any surface, dark or light. The pens are built with quick-drying and fine 0.7mm tips that limit mess and smearing while in use.

The .7mm tip on the TOOLI-ART pens is unique because they are created with special nylon that increases how fine the tip is to support very small and detailed work. Therefore, if you prefer your signature to have a bit more body and shape, then these pens aren’t your best choice.

Additionally, if you want these pens to be multi-purposeful so you can use them for canvas signatures in addition to art, be aware that their extremely fine tip lends well to small details and thin lines, also if you want a pen that works well with coloring or shading, these fine-tipped pens would be extremely time-consuming and tedious to use for this purpose.

Check the current price of the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens at Amazon here.

8. Uniposca PC-5M Paint Marker

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Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Parker Pens (Amazon)

A more uncommon product to close our list is the Uni-posca PC-5m pen. These pens are created with a water-based and extremely opaque pigment similar to acrylic paint. They are also lightweight, the paint dries quickly, and are non-toxic and waterproof- all the basic qualities of a decent pen for canvas print signatures.

The Uni-posca pens also come in some unique colors, such as peach, light orange, light blue, gray, and more. If you’re looking for some uncommon colors to supplement another pen or suit your color preferences, this set is perfect for you.

The shining quality of these pens is how opaque they are. Even the lightest color on the darkest canvas will show no signs of the color underneath, which will help your signature really pop. So, if you’re looking for a pen that allows you to sign a canvas but won’t completely cover the print underneath, this, unfortunately, isn’t the best option.

The biggest challenge for this product is that it is created by Mitsubishi Pencil, which is a Japanese company, and therefore, most of the Uni-posca packaging is decorated with a lot of lovely information on the product. However, if you can’t read Japanese, you won’t be able to read any of it.

Luckily, we’re here to help and steer you in the right direction so you can determine if this product is right for you.

Compared to the other products on our list, Uni-posca is definitely a significant competitor. Not only are the pen’s colors vibrant and designed for longevity by being fade-proof and bleed-proof, but they are also odorless and come in a wide range of tips.

You can opt for a classic extra-fine 0.7mm tip, a slightly thicker 1.5mm tip, or you can go to the maximum size of 2.5mm. Although these sizes are on the smaller end for paint pen tips, they lend themselves particularly well to signatures.

The pack has some pretty unique colors, but you can also purchase packs of differing sizes where the colors come in “basic,” “glitter,” “black and white,” as well as the variety pack listed.

If there was one thing that was really the downfall of the Uni-posca pens, it is the fact that they can be twice, if not three times, the cost of other sets on this list for far fewer pens and tips.

The overall price depends on which pack you purchase, but the 15-pack is currently priced around $32 versus ARTISTRO’s 15-pack that goes for $17-$23. That’s a difference some people wouldn’t be willing to pay for if they’re only going to use it to sign canvases.

However, if you want a versatile and high-quality product that you can use to sign canvas prints and also use for other artwork projects, you might find Uni-posca worth the investment.

Check the current price of the Uni-posca PC-5M Paint Parker Pens at Amazon here.

9. Morfone Acrylic Paint Markers

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Marfone Acrylic Paint Markers (Amazon)

If you’re looking for a signature with vibrant colors this set of 12, acrylic paint markers from Morfone will do the trick. The colors include:

  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Gold
  • Orange
  • Marigold
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

These medium round tipped markers are water based and will work on multiple surfaces including canvas, stone, wood, glass, and plastic.

Because these pens are water-based, they’re quick to dry and non-toxic to work with.

Check the current price of these Marfone Acrylic Paint Markers here at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Forget the sharpie marker and use one of these pens (preferably with archival ink) to sign your original artwork. While this article was specifically about pens for an artist signature on canvas, many of these pens will work well on all types of materials including stone, ceramic, and glass, making them great to use for other are projects as well.

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