Are Talented Artists Born or Made? (The Truth!)

Artists are talented individuals capable of creating great art with the right resources. These individuals express raw talent, creating artworks that can ultimately stand the test of time. However, many are of the notion that talented artists are simply born that way, and no amount of training will make an untalented artist good.

So, are artists born or made?

Talented artists are both born and made. There are individuals gifted from birth with a high level of artistic intent and ability. In the same vein, a person without any initial creative talent can, with training, master the art of creating, sketching, and painting to become a great artist.

In this article, I’ll discuss more in-depth the differences between born and made artists and the artistic skill and training required to become a gifted creator of art.

Who Is An Artist?

An “artist” is defined as someone who possesses the ability and capacity to envision and create original works of artistic expression. These individuals are singled out and recognized for their unique and creative ideas. Artists work in numerous fields and use a large variety of mediums to create their artwork. 

Architecture, digital art, painting, photography, prints, and textiles are just a few examples of the areas you may consider as art. Simply put, the term “artist” is not limited to only a creative person who is a fine art painter or illustrator.

“Artist” is a general term for any individual that expresses themselves through art. This could be a sculptor, a designer, a photographer, or any number of creative genres.

Signs Of A Natural-Born Artist

Are Talented Artists Born or Made? (The Truth!)

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There are several reasons people believe that artists are born and not made. The belief “Artists are born” is very true because some individuals seem to have an innate talent for artistic creation from a very young age. An artistic prodigy, if you will.

Let me use a neighbor’s son as an example. Sam is just ten years old, and many consider him rather average because he is slow to process words and people’s actions. But, he works wonders with a pencil and is not close to being “slow” when it comes to illustration.

Seeing Sam work, I wondered how a person could be so gifted. From what I knew, he had never stepped into an art school (he was just ten), but he illustrated like a person with several years of experience and paid close attention to minute details.

Artists like him don’t need prior training to visualize and capture a subject in a drawing or painting. These individuals stand out from a young age. Sometimes, they are hesitant to share their creative genius with others for fear of criticism.

How To Identify an Artist?

First, they love sketchbooks. It doesn’t mean that everyone who owns a sketchbook is an artist. But, you will always see them with one. The reason for this is that they tend to find inspiration in almost anything. Their passion for art is palpable.

With a sketchpad and a pencil, it only takes a few minutes of sketching before you can see a creative idea coming to life.  In the absence of a sketchpad, they use anything nearby; a napkin, paper towel, or tissue paper to sketch or doodle.

They create comfortable spaces where they can freely express their ideas without interruption. When brainstorming or creating, artists tend to “get in the flow” and easily lose focus on the people around them. They often want to be alone to develop the ideas burning within them.

Whenever they see the artwork of another artist, they are curious to know more. These artists have a natural appreciation for other works of art and love to connect with their fellow artists.

One distinct artistic feature is the way they see the world. An artist once said to me, “The world is one big painting.” From their point of view, everything is an inspiration and is worth being incorporated into a work of art.

How Do You Become An Artist?

Are Talented Artists Born or Made? (The Truth!)

Do you love art but don’t know how to go about becoming an artist? I can help with that. There are several steps to take to become a skilled artist, especially if you weren’t born with the talent.

Personal note: I subscribe to the belief that everyone is born with artistic talent. It’s just a matter of uncovering the layers. Some artists have more layers to uncover before reaching their creative abilities, while others come into this world with their extraordinary talent for art right on the surface.

Learn The Basics of Art

Before you can begin a successful career in the arts, you must first demonstrate exceptional artistic abilities. You might consider yourself a creative individual who likes line, form, color, and texture. 

But your excitement for art is only the beginning of your journey. To go far, you must learn the basic skills a good artist should know. 

Developing skills requires effort and devotion. If you haven’t already spent several years honing your skills in your art, you should do so.

Spending four years in an art institution is not necessary to improve your abilities or attain professional success. Local groups, workshops, and online classes are fantastic ways to learn some of the essential technical aspects of art creation while still having fun.

Repeatedly Practice The Basic Prinicples of Art

You will get more out of your class or school experience (or however you’re learning) if you try to practice independently. Practice the skills and abilities you learn from your classes daily. Go the extra mile to develop fundamental skills that an art school might not teach you. 

For instance, you have to learn the concepts of art history and modern art if you want a better grasp of art as a whole. If your art school doesn’t cover these topics, do personal research and acquire this knowledge.

Regardless of how you do it, soak up everything in the art world like a sponge even if it doesn’t seem to immediately apply to the type of art you like to create.

Visit Galleries And Art Exhibits

Viewing other artwork will have an impact on your art and will assist you in becoming a better artist. Visiting museums and art exhibitions will expose and enhance your understanding of different types of art. You also get to interact with other artists and learn about the ideas and theories that define their work.

Whenever you’re looking at a new work of art, encourage yourself to think critically about the artist’s intentions and methods. If you appreciate a piece of art, think about why you like it. In what ways does the work achieve success? If you know the answers to these questions, you can use them to help improve your art.

Accept Constructive Criticism Regarding Your Art

Accepting criticism is one of the most challenging things that upcoming artists struggle with. Many artists are emotionally attached to their art and hearing criticism can be a struggle.

But, constructive criticism is a valuable tool for learning. It points out the flaws and areas you should work on to make your work better.

Skills Of An Artist

Are Talented Artists Born or Made? (The Truth!)

Whether natural-born or taught, you must possess certain skills as an artist. Art is all about free-flowing natural creativity and before you can express a subject, you must strengthen your creative mind. This is particularly crucial to abstract artists.

An artist must be a critical thinker. How will this color reflect in my work? What is the best angle of approach for this subject? Questions like these are important when starting an artwork.

An artist should have good communication skills. For instance, it may be easy to create a piece of art based on your personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences, but what happens when you have commissioned work? You must understand the specifications of your clients to deliver an exceptional outcome even if it’s not the type of work that excites you.

Above all, you should love what you do. Art comes from the heart, and most times, the best artworks are the expressions of your feelings.

So whether you are the type of artist that was born with artistic instinct and talent, or you had to work at it to uncover your true artistic self, you were born with art inside you. In that respect, I’d say that everyone is a natural-born artist!
Are creative artists born or made?

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