How To Find Obscure Music? (Explained!)

If you’re a person who likes to listen to music that is not widely known, then you’ve probably wondered about the best ways to find this kind of music. Finding obscure music, especially the type that you like, can be hard and sometimes might even feel impossible, but there is always a way. So, what are the ways to find obscure music?

To find obscure music, browse through an online service like SoundCloud that allows artists to upload their own tracks. Also, check your local music shop, art fairs, and festivals that showcase local musicians. Finally, check the walls of bars and coffee shops for upcoming local performances.

In this article, I will provide some interesting ways of discovering new music. Finding obscure music requires an openness to new tastes and genres. Therefore, you will need to look for it in places where you probably do not usually go. You will be surprised how much you will discover once you start looking for music in unusual places.

What Is Obscure Music? 

How To Find Obscure Music? (Explained!)

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According to the dictionary, ‘obscure’ stands for something that is not acclaimed or famous. Therefore, obscure music refers to music that you’re not likely to hear on the radio, in movies, or on TV. You should not mistake obscure music for a specific genre because the term refers to music that is not mainstream and is hard to find. 

In other words, if you are interested in music that is not regularly listened to by the masses, then you’ll need to have some good research skills to find it. This music is hidden, and you have to discover ways to get to it. This can be challenging, especially if you are looking for not just something new but something new that you will actually like. 

Even people who work with music professionally sometimes find this task hard. Nowadays, streaming music channels and applications are widely accessible, so people tend to take the easy way and listen to music that everyone else is listening to. However, those who are really into music and different musical genres enjoy finding something unique that hasn’t gone mainstream yet.

How To Find Obscure Music? 

There are several different ways to find obscure music. However, they may not all be suitable for you. Below, I have listed some of the methods that can provide you with new music to see which one is the most convenient for you. 

Browse SoundCloud For Obscure Music

SoundCloud is a place where a lot of artists and musicians can share their music. The best thing is that this music is accessible to anyone for free. So, you can find a vast number of unknown but quality musicians who haven’t had the opportunity to show their talents to the masses yet. 

Since we are talking about an online platform that is free for everyone, musicians included, you can imagine how many artists you might find there. Although SoundCloud provides the ability for any musician to upload one or more of their songs, you would need a lot of time and patience to find something that you will like. 

Some people enjoy going through a wide range of artists listening to what they have created. For others, this might feel like a difficult task, which frustrates them to the point that they quickly give up. Nonetheless, you have to remember that on SoundCloud, there many talented but hidden artists that you might like, so this is one of the most reliable ways to find obscure music. It just takes a lot of time plus trial and error.

Check The Local Music Store For Obscure Music

How to find obscure music.

The local music store in your area might be another solution to help you find obscure music. These stores often have or know about new music that might suit your tastes. The employees at your local music store can often be a wealth of information regarding new or obscure music. 

In addition, the local music shop is likely to have music from talented up-and-coming musicians or groups in the area. Local area singers and bands, while unknown now, may become the next big thing, and you’ll have gotten a chance to hear them first!

Many times local artists offer quality musical content, but they take time to be discovered, or in some cases, they never get the appreciation they deserve. So, take a chance and visit the music stores in your area. You might be surprised what they have hidden. 

Attend Local Art Fairs and Festivals For New Music

Art fairs are places where you can find different types of art, especially different types of music. These events often include musical artists who are happy to have the chance to present their music to a new audience. Art fairs and festivals are opportunities for you to discover something new that might suit your taste.

Those who appreciate different kinds of art and music are attending these types of events looking for artistic gems. You might not always hear or find something that you like, but it would definitely be different from the daily mainstream music that is listened to everywhere. 

Take a Look at The Walls in Bars And Coffee Shops For Musical Listings

The walls of artsy coffee shops and bars in your area may have something interesting to offer. Artists tend to promote their works in local places that support different types of music and art. 

Many of these types of establishments encourage artists and musicians to post their flyers for upcoming shows. Some coffee shops may even have a message board full of upcoming local events, including music.

So, next time you go to a coffee shop, check out what they have in store, other than just the coffee.

How to use a music map to find new music. Wow, great idea!

You will be surprised at what you might find. Even the most incredible music takes time to be discovered, and it may be right in front of you. You can be one of the first people to find something musically unique and obscure just by checking the walls of the coffee shop that you regularly visit. 

Be open to this opportunity, and give yourself a chance to find something new for your music collection. This way, you also support musical artists who are trying to reach the public with their songs. 

Final Thoughts About Finding Obscure Music

Trying to find obscure music can often be difficult, and it can take a lot of time to discover something you really like. However, your search can prove to be very beneficial if you appreciate music that is not yet well-known.

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